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Hard At Work Show

Join us as we venture to taste, feel, and experience everything with one singular purpose... to compile THE LIST OF EVERYTHING!

May 18, 2024

What up CoWorkers?! This week, with Matt unable to record, Nick sat down with his lady friend T-Dog to discuss The Mighty Thor! That's right, this is not an episode of Hard At Work, this is the premier episode of Hammer Time, PRESENTED by Hard At Work! In this episode, we talk about T-Dog's history with comic books, both of our knowledge about Norse mythology, and we review the MCU's phase 1 classic "Thor". 

Other topics include Tiflis Cream Authentic Georgian Lemonade, Georgia v Georgia, Pierogi, twizzle cookies, Archie comics, The PUNisher, clowns, Odinsleep, crying at movies, non-Marvel Thors, and of course, T-Dog's dark past. Enjoy!

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